Airpods 2 Apple With Wireless Box Promo

Airpods 2 Apple

Amazon is currently offering a discount on the Apple Airpods 2 Bluetooth and its wireless charging case! The Airpods 2 headphones are priced at 185.99 euros instead of 229 euros. An offer to seize now to listen to your music wirelessly!

Today, wireless headphones are more and more present in the ears of pedestrians and gradually take over from wired headphones. Whether in the street, on public transport … They are everywhere!

Airpods 2: The reference!

The Airpods are today, the reference in terms of wireless headphones. Known for its streamlined headphones, Apple does not change its good habits to offer us headphones strongly resembling Earpods, with less son. These headphones are equipped with two optical sensors allowing the headphones to react to your movements. Indeed, they activate as soon as they are positioned in the ear and pause your playlist as soon as you remove one of the headphones. To connect to your iPhone or Macbook, Apple’s Airpods 2 uses Bluetooth 5 technology.

Currently sold at a price of 185.99 euros instead of 229 euros, take advantage of this exclusive offer to listen to your favourite songs wherever you want! In addition, the delivery is offered with the Amazon Prime offer. One more reason to be tempted by this new generation of headphones for more related headsets several available saimdeals.

A few words about the Airpods 2

With the H1 chip exclusively created by Apple, you can enjoy the Siri voice assistant with the simple voice command “Dis Siri” on your Airpods 2. This command will allow you to call one of your relatives or simply to adjust the volume of your music without having to use your hands.

This promo also allows you to take advantage of the wireless charging case, for the same price as the Apple Wireless Headphones!

This case, once installed on a QI compatible charging station, recharges directly, without having to connect it. However, if you do not have a charging station, you will be able to connect the case with a Lightning cable ( currently on sale for 7.99 euros instead of 20.99 euros).

Why buy the Airpods 2?

The main advantage of the Airpods 2, it is the fact of not having any wire which encumbers. From now on, listening to music will be of incomparable comfort. No more knots with the earphone cable, you will never be bothered again. In addition, the Bluetooth feature of Airpods 2 allows you to use all of your Apple devices and switch quickly between them. You can then easily switch from your iPad to your iPhone, through your Macbook. As a reminder, the Airpods 2 are Bluetooth 5 compatible.

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