An Outdoor Lounge

The fashion of taking the living room to the terrace or the patio is a consequence of the arrival of summer and the high temperatures. Although these are decreasing sure that we are many of us who are still riding the car taking advantage of the last rays of the sun.
Here we can find a good place to meet, a small free space without leaving the house. Everything is very simple to assemble.

Some of the ideas for an outdoor lounge will be metal screens. Separate the atmosphere of the homes from the street, with these objects, will be decoratively simple.
The metal screens can go as-is, uncovered, or be covered with vines or some cloth. The metal ones are cheaper, for example, than wood and are much lighter and more resistant. In black they are very attractive and match almost any space and vegetation.

But how to take the idea of home beyond the home? The color and style will be the key. The cushions and umbrellas will help us to unite the interior environment with the exterior, always welcoming. The cushions will match the furniture and other decorative objects.
The lighting is very important. The life of an outdoor room should extend until after the sun goes down, it should even remain when the chill arrives.

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An easy solution is to light the room with floor lamps, there are no facilities and the costs are reduced.

As you can see, decorating a room outside can be quite simple. What do you think?

Decoration of Outdoor Halls

Although you do not believe it, the decoration of outdoor rooms allows exploring the creativity and genius that each person has.

Mostly this decoration of outdoor rooms is made in rustic areas, where you can breathe and see all the beauty of nature.
In an outdoor room, you should try to create a calm and peaceful environment, where all your family and friends can enjoy the beautiful nature.

It is also recommended that in an outdoor room you should always make or make a unique decoration and where you should only use personal details.
Here I show a nice image where you can appreciate an elegant Outdoor Lounge Settings, as you can see is a room that has a minimalist style.

This beautiful room has been located under the shade that gives the two palm trees and for this we have placed two sofas one is larger than the other, but they are the same color.
On one side we have put a wooden board where we have placed ten candles of different sizes and models, this serves to give space romanticism at night.
To give it more elegance and more minimalist style, we have put on the floor a nice smoke colored carpet and some sofas on the sofas.
What you should always keep in mind is that everything you put in an outdoor lounge should harmonize perfectly and give a welcoming air.
For example; in the image that I am going to present to you, I show you a wonderful and wonderful room that is located outdoors.

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As you can see this magnificent room is located under the roof that provides the roof of the house, mostly the roof is made of a hurdle.
Together with the living room, there is a beautiful dining room. The living room has a very cozy decoration that gives the space an air of elegance and modernity.
Mainly the living room extends to the garden and is composed of a coffee table that is made of wood and two seats.
To give more life to this beautiful room we have added some cushions that combine perfectly with the color of the rest of the furniture.

To avoid the entrance of much heat from the sun, a beautiful white curtain has been placed and in one of the corners, we have added a table lamp.

In the outdoor room, there is plenty of natural light during the day and at night it is recommended that we use some floor lamps.
But always try to buy lamps that are modern and that give clear light, it is not recommended that you use lamps with yellow light.

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