Benefits of using 3PL Warehouse Services

Advantage No 1: consolidation of the expedition

At this level, the economy of scale is amply clear. Indeed, high volumes of shipments help 3PL suppliers to offer the best rates because they combine several orders in one shipment. In addition, if you do not use the 3PL warehouse services, it asks you to look for other ways to transport your goods to be shipped by several means of transport.

In this case, it will be quite difficult for you to solve all the logistical problems. The advantage of using the service of a 3PL company is that the company has the competence to handle all the problems and you benefit from economies of scale that are achieved through much cheaper transport costs.

Benefit # 2: Reducing Labor Costs

Generally, labor costs are an important part of the overall cost of logistics. In fact, when you use the services of the warehousing companies or freight companies like Ondeck freight systems then, you will only bear the labor costs you would need.

On the other hand, do not forget that you have your own staff that you are obliged to train on a permanent basis without having to use it all the time.

Advantage # 3: Better storage and assembly

Product storage, also known as “kitting,” refers to a process by which items to be shipped are packaged together to create a single item that is ready to ship. When several items in the kit are already prepared for shipping, the process is called, assembly.

This product assembly process offers the advantage of not having to weigh each item independently and that labels can also be printed well in advance. This helps make the shipping process faster and less expensive.

Advantage No. 4: Improved management and control of the stock ‘s freight to Montreal with expertise in the area of inventory management. Such methods can include, among other things, the use of various carryover strategies that consist of distributing the products only when receiving a sales order.

This is an effective technique for deploying a merchandise inventory. Also, they also use different inventory tracking tools to allow greater transparency throughout the process.

Benefit # 5: Improved Use of Storage Technology

3 PL warehouse vendors use advanced technology to streamline their modes of intervention. They use warehouse management systems, order management systems and transport management systems to improve the quality of their services. The use of this technique allows stocks to be placed in a variety of locations and to easily track shipments and stocks.

In addition, cloud-based systems make it easy to access data in any region of the world through a computer, tablet or smartphone. This way, you’ll have the guarantee of better control and clear visibility across the supply chain.

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