How to Choose a Suitable Apartment: The Opinion of a Specialist. Choose a New Building

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If the house is just starting to build, can you clearly and unambiguously understand how good the apartment you bought is? Talk to a professional real estate market player about this.

The value of indirect signs is difficult to overestimate.

Buying an apartment at the excavation stage, the buyer actually gets the most real cat from the bag. It is difficult to say what kind of house quality will actually come under the builder trowel. However, only the paper project of the building can determine important consumer characteristics. What can you do and should buyers pay attention first?

“In the process of choosing an apartment, consumers need to pay close attention not only to the main characteristics of the project but also to the reputation of the developer, the cost of the target and the infrastructure environment. You have to pay attention to it, “the expert stresses.

First of all, he believes that you need to look at the layout of the future house. The greatest potential in terms of effective use of living spaces is the square room. If the client has his own view of the layout issue, I would recommend getting an object without an internal partition. In this case, you can implement your own design project.

“When customers are considering buying a two-room apartment, they should give priority to the” vest “with the windows facing the two sides at once. Experts explain.-More reasonable area compared to” linear “layout it is a setting and there are no adjacent rooms. When it comes to 3-room and 4-room apartments, first of all, you need to look at the layout provided in several “wet spots”.

Not so important is the placement of the floor. The effect of comfort in life is not immediately noticeable, but because of this, it does not lose its relevance. In this case, focusing on attention Speedhome, need to be guided by the principle “less, better.” If the number of apartments on the floor does not exceed six, this is usually the best option. Special attention to future environmental experts advises the customer to pay “3” “Developers often place multiple single-person stuff or studios in the same place with three apartments,” the expert explains. “They are usually taken by students or labor migrants.” And the way of life leading the representatives of these social strata is not consistent with what is maintained by the respected fathers of the family who always choose a wider space. Of course, life develops in different ways. You should not think that such rules apply without exception. But if you have a choice, you should not neglect the opportunity to stop this.

The distribution of communications in newly constructed apartments can tell the buyer a lot about future consumer assets.

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Silence and air

It is advisable to bring a tape measure when visiting an object with an acquisition plan. It will be necessary when determining the level of sound insulation of future dwellings.

It is also worth asking the builders about the availability and performance of ventilation and air conditioning systems. According to experts, the presence of individual air purification systems is almost ideal. In this case, the owner can independently install the necessary air filters and ionizers to adjust the microclimate of the apartment to the required parameters.

Naturally, before buying, it is necessary to clarify the number of kilowatts allocated to each apartment. If the owner wants to install the latest technology in their residence and use an impressive number of devices and gadgets at any point in time, then this parameter becomes very relevant. Use this guide to find a perfect home in Malaysia.

Also, we should not be lazy and count the number of lifts on the stairs uphill. In normal skyscrapers (over 17 floors) it is noted that there must be 4 of the specialists. Otherwise, there is a chance to work every morning whenever there is a traffic jam in front of the elevator for at least 5-7 minutes.

Before making a final decision on the purchase of a house under construction, you need to remember the course of geography for the middle class, apply real knowledge, and determine the world in terms of apartments. Great when the bedroom window is facing east. In this case, blinding sunlight penetrates only in the morning hours, the maximum time before lunch. Windows in the south-not a good option this ensures uniform natural light throughout the day in the apartment. If the future property is located at the intersection of the section, it is worth taking seriously. Because at least one shady room will exist in such a target.

Finally, do not forget the general truth. If the property of the future is located in a noisy area with heavy traffic, it is better to climb closer to fresh air. But if an older person lives with the buyer, of course, this should not be done, since more effort should be made to return home on the street.

There are many misconceptions in the private real estate market due to the myths that have spread due to private and always competent opinion. Along with mythology, there are errors associated with the acquisition of houses in new buildings. Of course, enumerating everything is impossible. Because appearance is often not always predictable. But in this article, we tried to identify the main mistakes that buyers make when choosing an apartment in the main market.

1) Trust but ok

Of course, it is best to sign a new apartment purchase contract only with a reliable construction company. Nina Kuznetsova, the founder of the company, recalls, “We have to work in the market for many years, hand over objects and live in people.” It is also important to pay attention to the status of the company, which suggests that the developer decide to sell preliminary contracts or participate in equity in the construction. It is safer to buy an apartment from an average investor or a major developer. An additional risk arises when entering into a contract with a broker or a third party (a contractor or another institution that paid for services with the right to an apartment).

But even if the developer is large and proven, it should be remembered that checking the documentation on land and buildings is still worth it. At the same time, even if you start a panic and refuse to buy, it is not worth it if the developer does not have a history in the real estate market. “There is nothing terrible in this area, the main facilities must be built systematically and all the documents must be in order. By the way, often novice developers try to “plan” their first project to start building a significant reputation in the housing market.

2) What the law needs to know

The hope for “Speedhome” is one of the most characteristic features of the Malaysia spirit, which appears in almost every field of life. Even when buying a house, citizens often not only remain ignorant, they also do not want to gain knowledge.

Unfortunately, the risk of bankruptcy for developers remains forever and no one is immune from this. “Refrigeration construction projects across Malaysia are the best evidence of this,” the expert noted. In most cases, buyers can carefully review the reputation of developers and their rights.

The developer’s credibility can be judged by the number of banks for which the project has been approved, with the addition. if you buy an apartment with her finishing, you need to prescribe all the nuances in the contract-the form of renting the house, plumbing equipment and materials used for repairs.

3) Waiver

Recently, Igor Kuzmin, an expert in the department of GVSU Realty, is superficially mythical that the right to a new contract is transferred. This is less reliable than a stock contract (DDU) and may be completely wrong. In this case, transactions carried out within the framework of the transfer of rights are set out in 214 FZ and are regulated by many standards.

“It’s easy to understand the process. According to DDU, you buy an apartment from a customer’s point of view and get a legal claim. So if you decide to buy an apartment from the DDU and sell it during the construction phase, you transfer this claim. “It’s all simple. We’ve got the right to ask, we’ve transferred the right to ask,” the expert explains. The fact is that apartments in new buildings are often not only sold by developers. The apartment can be sold by ordinary buyers who have already entered into stock contracts with ordinary contractors, subcontractors, investment companies and developers.

All of the following are listed and provide the volume of the apartment as a transfer of claims that can be registered with the state agency. As a result, when buying an apartment under this scheme, the buyer becomes a party to the share participation contract with the developer. In other words, there is a direct relationship with the developer. “The transfer of demand rights is only a legal term, and the general conviction of this scheme is a matter of the near future,” Igor Kuzmin convinces.

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4) New doesn’t mean cheap.

Some buyers believe that the prices of unprepared homes, which are not yet ready, are much lower than in the secondary market. Usually, it depends on the location and floor of the apartment. For example, in some areas of the secondary market, even if the grandmother is under construction, they are sold in five-story buildings, which are naturally cheaper than new and modern houses.

Often citizens who buy a house as an investment in a new building are also misunderstood. “The statement that investment in new buildings brings 100-150% of profit is a myth that is somewhat consistent with the reality of the early 2000s,” said Inna Ignatkina. According to experts, the average return on investment for new buildings is 15-20% per year. It does not exceed and due to the overall instability of the economy and the effective decrease in demand, such investments may not be profitable.

5) So same apartment as other apartments

Despite the obvious identity, similar apartments may be different, so you must agree to the view and ask the buyer to show exactly the apartment chosen by the buyer on the floor plane of the booklet or the location of the object.

“Sometimes the sales manager sees a similar apartment but suggests to look at it on a different floor. However, your own argument: you can check in the field whether an engineering structure that goes through the apartment eventually violates the aesthetics and functionality of the apartment.” Nina Kuznetsova said Warning. In addition, apartments of the same size in the same zone on different floors are distinguished by the characteristics of the species, their relationship with the cardinal, and simply lighting.

Have or do not need to have

Experts disagree about whether to attract a real estate agent when buying an apartment in the primary market. The answer to this question is that each buyer can offer himself independently. On the one hand, a real estate agent may be an additional means of protection for the buyer, but on the other hand, his participation cannot be fully justified.

In fact, when buying an apartment in a new building, Igor Kuzmin, who usually already uses the services of the sales department, explains. “He will help discuss the object, choose an apartment, be consulted on the subject of paperwork, and be prepared and registered. The price of these services is included in the contract price or more often a separate service it is executed according to the contract. “In this case, the services of the real estate brokers in the main market are reduced to the target selection, and the potential buyer must decide for himself whether this step is necessary and financially justified.

However, the use of professional services does not require the buyer to carefully review all the documents and monitor the activity of the developer, and, of course, do not rely on the Russian “opportunities” already mentioned by many.

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In principle, buying an apartment is a multifaceted event: fascinating, nervous and expensive. Even if we are talking about a small nest, you still have to pay a lot of money for it.

And what about the stress that accompanies the search for an appropriate choice! But despite all this, this process is really interesting.

This is how to choose the best gift. Now, futures are measured in square meters, location, improvement, and other similar criteria, and, of course, in dollars. In this case, dear ones find it most often. So

How to choose an apartment

First of all, clearly define what you want to receive. At a minimum, decide on the following questions:

1) Whether you are willing to pay for the purchase of an apartment and whether you are considering a mortgage as a possible option;

2) Purchase Purpose. Are you looking for a home for yourself or are you planning to rent?

3) Location of the territory of the house (city, district);

4) Number of rooms;

5) New or subsidized housing (may be possible and others);

6) The bottom. So, someone does not want to live on the top floor, but on the contrary, someone tends to climb higher.

7) Necessary infrastructure (kindergarten, school, shopping center, supermarket, etc.).

Decide what you need and what not to do.

Of course, if you are not a billionaire and a lot of people bother you and do not solve all your questions, you will definitely need one thing-a laptop if you are in a whim. Do not think that you can remember everything. Trust me. When a third apartment is seen from my head, everything will start to get confused.

Write in the notebook:

  • Apartment address;
  • Layer;
  • Prerequisites, pros, and cons of the proposal
  • The location of the window (courtyard, outside, after all);
  • Contact: phone number, name of a real estate agent or former owner if the sale is done without a broker.

How to buy an apartment in the secondary real estate market

Another option is to bring the photos you want to remember to your phone, but not all sellers like this idea.

Property type selection

There are two kinds of real estate: apartments and auxiliary houses in new buildings. But there are many dilemmas. Each of these types has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, new houses acquired at the construction stage can significantly save money. But we guarantee that the house will be completed and run successfully. Unfortunately, no one does. In addition, as soon as you enter a new apartment, no one makes repairs, so you cannot solve it immediately.

This is a “part of” the cost of housing, which buyers of residential buildings forget. The infrastructure here is not already established. Instead of that, it is the first time that you and your neighbors are surrounded by construction debris and ferocious crying drills.

How to choose an apartment in a new building?

One of the advantages of “Basic”: beautiful house outside; More comfortable and modern layout; Increased comfort; New, water and sewage systems; Clean and well-groomed front doors; Luxury elevators; Sanitized house territory.

Advice: If you have a baby, it is better to buy a home in the secondary market. Therefore, at least six months of life should be heard from the neighbors on the wall and not breathe in the repair dust. On the other hand, if you plan to have a child, it is an ideal choice to buy an apartment for a developer for a young family.

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