What Criteria Should We Follow When Choosing a Fence for our Garden?

What should you look at before you even go to buy a fence? That is the question we want to answer.

And, even before entering the store in search of the fence of our dreams for our garden. We can discard several options beforehand by making a previous analysis of the space where we plan to place it.

So, if you have not yet studied these details, we help you to take the relevant notes.

Ask yourself this question, how often do you think a fence should be changed? An element of this type, regardless of its height; is not something that should regularly require attention from us.

You must visualize a fence, in the same way, that you visualize a wall. Its function is to delimit the spaces and, with a little effort; It can become an important aesthetic aggregate within the landscaping.

But beyond that, you should not be required to add a new responsibility to your agenda. Much less should mean an additional expense for the gardener or for another person who will charge for their services.

Why do you put the fence?
Believe it or not, the objectives for which you place the fences; can mean a lot when making the right decision. If you want to extend a vine through the Bunbury Fencing and Roofing to achieve a strong effect, then you should not aim precisely at the wooden structures. On the other hand, if your dream is to have a maze; Again, one material may be more useful than another, everything will depend on the height you want that maze to have.

When what is sought is to establish planters and space for compost; Then we run into plastic or wood, but not iron. Define what you want and what you hope to achieve in the long term with your fence; so you can search in the most successful places and check the options that will work for you.

The type of surface to be fenced and possible unevenness
Perhaps the most important of all the criteria to have. The sloping terrain will require additional efforts.

At the aesthetic level, iron may not be the best option when you have a terrain with steep slopes.


On the other hand, if the surface island; then the necessary stakes and the fence technique will not demand specific tools. Otherwise, if it is a concrete or brick surface.

Price ranges, why is there such a difference?
When we see the fence market, we notice that certain prices simply go out of the range of others. Especially, when it comes to those that have been made of metal.

Why does this happen? The main reason is the cost of the materials. Being that the plastic ones are the most economical without any discussion; The real difference exists in the wooden ones.

You see when someone looks for iron fences; He mainly does it to place them in the outermost part of his house on an already built wall; usually made of stone this makes in general terms; Metal fences are not built with very significant height. But, above all, they are not built in order to be placed inside the garden itself.

When you are looking for an iron to be an integral part of your garden, you do get designs; But its high price is due to its low manufacturing volume.

On the other hand. When you want them higher than normal, you must pay an additional fee. But yes, you can lengthen the encirclement model of your dreams so that it adapts to your vision.

On the other hand, we have wood. A natural resource that is becoming scarcer every day. It also becomes more complicated to import because of this. And if you add to that the workforce that has to be applied in it to last; then we have as a result an even higher price.

If you are looking for an economy, then the best option you can take are those that were manufactured with the least problematic material.

What you should choose according to your needs
We already talk about what you should do when you are looking for economics. However, cheap is expensive. That is if you buy the most economical fence; In the end, it can mean a greater expense, if this did not cover your true needs from the beginning.

Defining your priorities will make the expense you make a one-time expense. Remember, the fences should be seen just as we see the walls.

Annual paint maintenance should be more than enough; unless we face some exceptional difficulty, such as a leak.

In the case of garden fences, the same thing happens. There is an extraordinary possibility that an external agent may require us to perform some type of maintenance or repair.

But in general. If you choose the correct fence; You can practically forget about it and maintain it every 12 months. So, let’s think about the three main needs that usually require such an element.

Whether iron or wood, these types of fences require that your paint be regularly renewed. Either to prevent oxidation or prevent damage caused by insects.

This is not the case with plastic fences, whose coat of paint or external appearance is much more durable. This thanks to the chemicals used in them.

Check the good condition and maybe tighten some joints; It is usually a necessary job when we have fences installed on the floor of our garden. Especially when it comes to what is assembled every certain considerable space.

It is also necessary to check the joints if you have small children or a pet that constantly leans on or hits the fence.

However, this is not the case with metal ones. Especially those that are secured to a wall to delimit the property; If they are directly placed on the ground and inside the garden, the situation is different.

Some fences and fences are constantly replaced by decoration or landscaping issues. If you are the type of person who enjoys reorganizing your garden or the general appearance of your garden. The best thing you can do is opt for fences that are easy to remove and; Many times, wood will be the best option.

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