Is Erectile Dysfunction a Cure?

There is a very difficult and essential question for patients and their acquaintances to occasionally throw to the author who is a scholar who specializes in urology, especially sexual and sexual medicine.

To answer this question, I and my colleagues have accumulated countless research and clinical experiences. Patients naturally wonder. If you have a cold, take cold medicine and take it for a few days continuously, you will lose a cold. If the bones are broken, if you cast a cast for weeks, the bones are attached and normal behavior is possible again.

But erectile dysfunction is not true. If you take an erectile dysfunction medication 30 minutes to an hour before sexual intercourse, the sexual intercourse can be satisfactory, but the patient’s erectile dysfunction does not completely leave the patient’s body. Here, patients are questioned and frustrated. Just like hypertension or diabetes, it is like eating blood pressure and diabetes every day, eating blood pressure and diabetes.

Fortunately, recent trends in erectile dysfunction have been addressing this issue. Erectile dysfunction has been reported to be a fundamental treatment of true libido erectile dysfunction by ‘daily’ steadily taking low doses or ‘periodic’ taking ‘long term’.
In addition, research on the treatment of genes and stem cells is being actively carried out, and erectile dysfunction seems to be far from being conquered by a transient disease like cold or fracture.

Of course, erectile dysfunction is not just a disease that causes erectile dysfunction, hypertension, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, liver disease and obesity, such as my chronic disease should be thorough management and treatment must be done. If you treat these erectile dysfunctions as a result of neglecting these diseases that cause erectile dysfunction, it will be a perfect expression of swelling in the underlying poison.

If you regularly take erectile dysfunction medication on a daily basis or periodically take a long-term treatment with erectile dysfunction medication, you can have a healthy restoration of penile erection. It is as if the veins of a person who exercises little by little every day become strong. So, even if you see someone taking daily erectile dysfunction treatment around you, you do not have to misunderstand that you are having sex each day. It is clear that they are managed by a team of doctors who have the latest sexual knowledge to treat erectile dysfunction. Anyway, it is true that erectile dysfunction, one of the biggest worries of men since middle age, is also getting closer to the knee of humanity with advanced medicine.

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