Hire a Service to Clean with Water Pressure?

Hire a Service to Clean with Water Pressure?

If you plan to sell your house, go for a walk through the entrance door. What does the exterior of your house look like? Do you have a visible layer of dirt from recent storms? Is the road visible with oil and clogged with leaves? Pressure washing services Jacksonville will make everything shine before potential buyers come to check your foundations.
“Pressure wash” is a misnomer. “We use high pressure to get to the top of the buildings, but in fact, the actual pressure used in a building to wash is no more than a normal hose would produce,” Marlon explains. “We use chemicals to do most of the work, so that we can ensure that the coating is not damaged.” Professional companies use this technique together with specially formulated soaps that help kill things like mold, fungus, and algae. “Soap also helps to remove dirt and stains from the surface without the use of high pressure,” says Andrés, a professional with many 2 × 3 hires.
You can get relatively cheap equipment when you buy it yourself, but it’s still better to leave it to the professionals. “Incorrectly used pressure washers can injure someone quite easily,” explains Andrés. “We have been in the business for more than ten years, we have heard (and seen) that too many accidents occur because a person did not have the knowledge and ability to use a machine correctly.”
Beyond personal safety problems, improper washing can result in etched concrete, scarred wood, and broken windows. “It takes years of experience to get the right chemicals and, therefore, should be left to professionals,” says Marlon. “They’ve called me many times because someone has tried to do it for themselves and has damaged the paint or couldn’t find a way to get to the top of the house with that damn washer in tow.”

What you should keep in mind when choosing a professional

“Trust your instinct,” Benedict says. “If you don’t think you’re going to work well with a professional, something seems to be out of series intuitively or else you feel apprehensive, maybe you want to consider your options.”
Find out how long the professional has been in the business and if it is insured. “This eliminates the good from the bad,” says Marlon. “It may seem that you are getting a better deal until that company that flies out of control ruins your siding or paint and leaves.”
Ask them what chemicals they will use. “If they say bleach, they have no experience and you should stay away,” says Marlon.

Hire a Service to Clean with Water Pressure?
“You want a company that uses the safest methods to clean your home,” says Andrés. “Low pressure or” gentle washing “, along with the specifically formulated cleaning solutions, should be mentioned at some point in your response.” How many years of experience does your company have regarding my specific cleaning need? “Don’t accept answers like ‘I’ve never done that before’ or ‘I can try,’” says Andrés. How long will the service take to perform? “A typical wash for a 2000 square foot house should take an average of one to two hours to clean,” explains Andrés. “Not all houses are the same, so there is some deviation through all this. But if your answer is six hours or two days, thank them for their time and call a real professional. ”
“Research your reputation online through platforms such as Google, Facebook and 2 × 3, ” says Benedict. “Word of mouth is another good measure to measure the reliability of a professional.”
Some states or cities require special environmental licenses or permits, as well as occupational licenses for the city and state. For most states, it is not a taxable service, but you may want to verify it by asking about the price.

When it comes to tips

“Clients should tip if they think the service deserves it (maybe a couple of extra things were taken into account and done within the work without any charge), and they feel comfortable doing it,” Benedict says. “I never expect a tip so that I never risk making a customer feel obligated,” he continues. “I received tips for lunch up to fifty percent of the cost of all the work. All were appreciated. ” Marlon says: ”Our teams always enjoy the tip, of course, although not for the reason I may think. As it is not common, when our boys receive a small bonus, they know they did a great job. ”

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