How to do Gutter Maintenance

How to do gutter maintenance

The maintenance of gutters of a property is an essential part of its conservation. If we do not carry out periodic maintenance and cleaning of our gutters, these could become clogged, causing the appearance of moisture in the exterior and interior walls. In the same way, if we do not keep our gutters in good condition they could deteriorate quickly, cracks and cracks appear in the most delicate areas of the system, this will cause the gutters to not drain well and if the deterioration is very advanced they could even break and detach from their restraints falling into the void, with the consequent risk to people.

The maintenance and cleaning of the gutter system is done approximately twice a year, we must take into account if in the area where they are located they will collect many leaves and other types of dirt, in addition to the rainfall of the specific area of ​​the geography in which we find ourselves; In areas that receive a high range of rainfall we have to maintain our gutters more often, since it is important that they always drain optimally, especially we must be careful in areas that in winter receive heavy snowfall, since the weight of the snow accumulated on the gutter can deteriorate the anchors that keep it attached to the wall or roof.

Gutter Maintenance
First of all, we have to remove all the dirt, leaves and other elements that we can find, it is common to find bird nests in our gutters. To remove dirt, leaves, etc; we can use a brush with a telescopic handle, we attract dirt to us and then remove it manually. If we decide to do this work ourselves, it is important to do it with the appropriate equipment, never climb to rooftops or stairs at high altitude without using an anchoring system that avoids possible accidents. In any case, the most advisable thing is that you go to professional companies in these tasks, in Canalum Catalunya we can take care of the maintenance and cleaning of your gutters at a very competitive price; or if what your drainage system needs is a repair or directly a new installation, do not hesitate to have our services.

How to do gutter maintenance

After having removed most of the dirt manually, we will proceed to clean the remains that remain with a hose with enough pressure to descale them and leave the gutter surface completely clean. It is advisable to use a pressure water gun but a hose with an adjustable pressure head is usually sufficient. This is a good time to check the drainage of our gutters and see if the downspouts drain properly ; if it is not, it is possible that there has been a traffic jam in the downpipe, we will try to remove it with the water pressure itself but if it is not resolved we will have to disassemble the section and do it manually. We can also install grilles or other items on the market at the junction between the gutters and the downspout, to prevent the sheets and other items from clogging the latter.

Avoid Gutter Jam

Once the cleaning of the gutters is finished, it is a good time to check their general condition, observing if there are cracks or oxidation points in the system, we will also check that the anchors are firmly anchored to the wall or roof. If the anchors deteriorate the gutter could move and lose the inclination that leads the water towards the downpipe, causing water stagnations to occur easily. If this happens, we must correct it to avoid greater evils.

Gutters Arrangement

Following this process, we will keep our gutters in perfect condition. Remember to do this work twice a year, necessarily one of them at the end of autumn, since it is when the leaf falls and this is the most common cause in gutter jams. If your gutters are not easily accessible, it is preferable that you have the work of professionals since it is an activity that involves a certain risk if we cannot provide all the security elements you need to perform effectively for more information please visit

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