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Importance of Technology

Importance of Technology

Technology is known as a product of science and technology that involves a set of instruments, methods, and techniques responsible for conflict resolution. The following terms can be used as synonymous with the word technology: applied science, knowledge, techniques, among others. As such, technology is a collection of practical and scientific knowledge based on a number of procedures and technical methods used to obtain goods that meet the needs of individuals.

On the other hand, technology also refers to a scientific discipline focused on the study, research, development, and innovation of techniques and procedures, equipment and tools used to transform raw materials into objects or to engage in useful practices.

In the industrial sense, technology includes all the procedures or instruments that interfere with the manufacture of a particular product, for example, “milk technology”.In the field of the environment, technology is used to preserve the natural environment and use its resources.

Advances in Technology

Technology has played a crucial role in the technical development of humanity. In this sense, it has been able to demonstrate rapid and important technological advances at different times, such as Primitive or classical technology: they led to the discovery of fire, to the invention of the wheel or the letter.

Medieval Technologies: includes inventions as important as printing, the development of navigation technologies or the strengthening of military technology. Technology in manufacturing: Recently, in the eighteenth century, the technological development of manufacturing processes was crucial for the industrial revolution.

Information and communication technology: Twentieth-century technology has evolved in the fields of information and communication, as well as advanced technologies, including the use of nuclear energy, nanotechnologies, biotechnology, etc.

Currently, a technology considered advanced and recently invented is called advanced technology. It is characterized by its high price and innovation compared to existing technologies.

Technological progress or technological innovations provide better living conditions for society, while negative factors that give rise to worrying social problems, such as unemployment due to the replacement of man by a machine or pollution of the environment, require a continuous and rigorous control.

Education Technology

Educational technology includes all the scientific and pedagogical knowledge associated with methods, techniques, means, and tools used for educational purposes in the learning process. Thus, the professor of pedagogical technology provides a varied selection of pedagogical tools, theoretically or materially, to promote and rationalize the dynamics of teaching. Therefore, the focus is on the support provided by a material resource such as Audiovisual Technology in the Educational Process as well as Digital Technology. For example, language labs, projectors, and movies have also included the use of computers and cell phones, which are resources used in teaching to optimize your results.

Information and Communication Technologies

Information and communication technologies, also known as ICT for Short, refer to a wide range of technological resources developed from information technologies used in telecommunications. The ability to communicate on networks or Internet devices such as a computer, mobile phone or other electronic devices can store, process and transmit information, has caused a profound revolution in the way people accept, generate and communicate pieces of information.

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