Three News Recruitment Techniques you Need to Master

News Recruitment Techniques

New technologies revolutionize the way we live, work and recruit. In the recruitment area as elsewhere, you feel the need to break codes and adapt their practices to new digital tools. As with the use of new recruitment techniques and elements such as gamification, artificial intelligence or chatbots to integrate them into the process.

Why is it important to review the way it is concluded?

As you may have noticed, the power balance has changed somewhat in recruitment. It lacks talent in many knowledge and the demand continues to grow. Reviewing the path to recruitment is realizing that companies need to seek candidates instead of waiting for them to appear naturally when reading an ad. But he is also aware that all marketing strategies and solutions should no longer be reserved to find customers, but also serve human resources. In short, the image of your brand changes to improve the visibility and attractiveness of the Internet, especially with Generation Y.

The use of new digital tools, knowledge of how to mobilize new practices and show a bias towards new technologies to improve their delivery allows a company to stand out in networks and not in traditional media as was the case for some years ago.

The gamification is to use the codes and mechanisms in the games and apply them to another domain that is not a game to make it attractive and accessible. The game can humanize processes that in some cases are lacking in reality or personalization. Therefore, gamification applies perfectly to recruitment techniques. It helps to personalize the interview, to break the traditional codes and the formatted side of the exercise. Then it can be a serious game, an interview in the form of a game: It is an excellent way to revive the candidate selection process so that they can invest and participate. directly in the interview. Finally, gamification has the advantage of increasing the sense of belonging to a brand or company, and therefore allows the candidate to project better in a team, position or sector of the business.

Gamification to Recruit

When AI goes to sourcing service.

Artificial intelligence currently has applications in almost every area, so there is no need to exclude recruitment. As either to help him, facilitate difficult tasks (make appointments, answers to candidates, etc.) or in more complex and personal exercises (conducting video interviews, defining profiles according to talent and abilities candidates, etc.) artificial intelligence has a lot to contribute for recruitment.

In particular, you can rate the candidate’s response to a written video interview, but you can also order and create a profile by taking a portrait of the candidate based on their responses and data. It can facilitate the identification of talents in a database, and AI algorithms can combine responses, establish links, etc. Therefore, it becomes easier to get a candidate for a matching profile and assess the necessary questions to continue the process. On the other hand, IA can also customize interviews by correcting questions and evaluations of candidate interviews, as well as conducting an interactive and automated video interview.

Chatbots to automate the first exchanges.

Always in the artificial intelligence tradition, chatbots, robots that can formulate automatic and personal responses to written or oral communications with a user are also at the service of recruitment. How to create more and more applications and chatbots programs for HR. And even the large recruitment and agency companies are out there.

Robots have several benefits in recruitment: First, they allow automating the first stock exchanges with candidates. These interviews are often articulated according to the same scheme and a predefined scenario. This makes it possible to select some of the pre-qualified candidates for another interview. Chatbots can also inquire about the candidate’s culture and test it on predefined issues that will respond and increase.

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